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A Pre-need program is more than just writing what comes walking in your door. In order for a Pre-need program to be successful you need well-trained counselors who represent your funeral home in a way that you are comfortable with. With our program your Pre-need counselors will have all of the necessary training both in-person and online, with continuous support and training. They will have access to state of the art lead management systems that will allow them to track their appointments, contacts, call-back dates, etc. They will also have access to a variety of lead generation sources so they aren’t left looking for people to see. 

Part of every Pre-need agent’s focus should be securing current business, and also focusing on securing business for the future. Agents will be motivated to stay in touch with current clients via Aftercare contact and visits, and assisting families in the care they received at the funeral home. Agents will also be provided with leads through traditional lead-generation funnels such as direct mail and community programs. We also provide ways to softly reach out to people in your community who have experienced loss, without coming across too strong. We believe in putting ourselves in front of people that really want to talk to us, rather than offending the community by over-marketing.


A successful Pre-need program cannot function without a successful At-need program. The more successful an At-need program is, the easier it will be to develop a successful Pre-need program. That is why we believe part of our service to our funeral homes is helping their At-need programs to be more successful. We have several programs in place that will help you secure your current business, and also increase your current market share in the community. It is important to not only market to the business you are already getting, but also put ourselves in front of families that your competitors are serving and show them the high level of service you provide as well, and our programs are designed to help you do just that.

The relationship between funeral home employees and pre-need agents should be a symbiotic relationship where both work together to assist the families in your community. We can help train funeral home employees how to talk to families and encourage Pre-need conversations, and also assist those answering phones how to know how to deal with “shoppers” who call in looking for information. Pre-need counselors are also trained to assist those in the funeral home by answering questions, helping families, being a positive presence in the community through our various outreach programs, and ultimately encouraging more people to walk through your doors. 

Digital Age

While we do not believe that traditional marketing techniques and face-to-face communication are a thing of the past, we have to be constantly aware that society is changing, and when the day comes that people transition to a more digital approach to Pre-need, we need to be ready. We are constantly looking at the Pre-need industry as a whole, and looking for the best products and services available to the funeral homes we serve. It is our hope to find and provide these products to you, and allow you to focus on what you do best, serving families in your community.

Currently we have the capability of allowing families a way to go onto your website and plan their funerals, both Pre-need and At-Need, and even pay for these services all online. We also provide you with ways to reach out to the communities and families you serve via email, text messaging, and through social media outreach. All of these things are made available to you, and we work side-by-side with you to figure out which of these channels will best serve your community. While we have not abandoned the idea that most people would still like to sit down and visit face-to-face, we recognize there are more and more people in our communities who would prefer to be contacted in other ways, and we provide you with the ability to do so.

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